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E-OBS v19.0HOM gridded dataset

This is the E-OBS gridded dataset version 19.0eHOM which is the version of E-OBS v19.0e based on temperature series that have been homogenized in collaboration with the Horizon 2020 EUSTACE Project. This E-OBS version supports only datasets for daily maximum, minimum and average temperature.


E-OBS datafiles

The ensemble version (indicated with a 'e' in the version number) is available on a 0.1 and 0.25 degree regular grid for the elements (daily mean temperature TG, daily minimum temperature TN and daily maximum temperature TX). They cover the area: 25N-71.5N x 25W-45E. The data files are in NetCDF-4 format. The Global 30 Arc-Second Elevation Data Set (GTOPO30), a global raster Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with a horizontal grid spacing of 30 arc seconds (approximately 1 kilometer) developed by USGS is used for the elevation file as well. The ensemble dataset is constructed through a conditional simulation procedure. For each of the 100 members of the ensemble a spatially correlated random field is produced using a pre-calculated spatial correlation function. The mean across the 100 members is calculated and is provided as the "best-guess" fields. The spread is calculated as the difference between the 5th and 95th percentiles over the ensemble to provide a measure indicate of the 90% uncertainty range. For more details see Cornes et al. (2018) and the guidance on how to use ensemble datasets.


Version 19.0eHOM

Best estimate


0.1 deg. regular grid


all elements

0.25 deg. regular grid


all elements


Access to underlying station dataset

Klok and Klein Tank (2008; see publications) describe the ECA&D station dataset that has been used for the gridding. The station dataset that serves as a basis for this E-OBS version can be downloaded (for the part of the dataset for which national datapolicies allow this).