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Use statistics


Use statistics

An overview of the use statistics of the ECA&D webpages is given on this page. The statistics of use are logged using awstats and updated every month.


Number of unique visitors to the ECA&D webpages


The number of unique visitors per month to the ECA&D webpages is shown in this graph. Statistics excludes traffic generated by robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes.


Nationality of ECA&D users


Pie chart of the use of the ECA&D webpages stratified by country. Only countries from WMO RA VI are included in this figure. The analysis is based on the number of hits on the website.


Number of E-OBS users

new E-OBS users

The gridded dataset E-OBS is a daily gridded observational dataset for precipitation, temperature and sea level pressure in Europe based on ECA&D information.


ECA&D and E-OBS in the scientific literature


ECA&D and E-OBS are used strongly in the science community. The cumulative citations to Klein Tank et al. (2002) and Haylock et al. (2008), introducing the ECA&D and E-OBS data sets respectively, are shown (source: Google Scholar).