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Welcome to the website of the European Climate Assessment & Dataset project. Presented is information on changes in weather and climate extremes, as well as the daily dataset needed to monitor and analyse these extremes. ECA&D was initiated by the ECSN in 1998 and has received financial support from the EUMETNET and the European Commission.


What's new?


The database is updated until: Aug 31, 2022.

April 2022 - E-OBSv25.0e has been released

March 2022 - All series provided by the Latvian meteorological service are now flagged as downloadable from ECA&D

January 2022 - Following a change in data policy, the Austrian National Meteorologican Service ZAMG has made the complete network of meteorological stations available.

December 2021 - Updates for all stations in Calabria (Italy) have been kindly provided by ARPA Calabria

December 2021 - Updates of Croatian stations for 2020 have beeen kindly provided by the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service

November 2021 - E-OBSv24.0e has been released.

August 2021 - New stations and precipitation series have been included for the UK

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ECA&D forms the backbone of the climate data node in the Regional Climate Centre (RCC) for WMO Region VI (Europe and the Middle East) since 2010. The data and information products contribute to the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS).


Participants and data

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Today, ECA&D is receiving data from 82 participants for 65 countries and the ECA dataset contains 83809 series of observations for 13 elements at 22661 meteorological stations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean (see Daily data > Data dictionary). 81% of these daily series can be downloaded from this website for non-commercial research and education. Participation to ECA&D is open to anyone maintaining daily station data. If you want to join please contact us. See our data policy for more details.


E-OBS gridded dataset

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E-OBS version 25.0e has been released. E-OBS is a daily gridded observational dataset for precipitation, temperature, sea level pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and global radiation in Europe based on ECA&D information. The full dataset covers the period 1950-01-01 until 2021-12-31. It has originally been developed and updated as parts of the ENSEMBLES (EU-FP6), EURO4M (EU-FP7) and UERRA (EU-FP7) projects. Currently it is maintained and elaborated as part of the Copernicus Climate Change Services.



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ECA&D has close links with the projects and initiatives below.

EUSTACE   INDECIS   Copernicus/C3S   Meteoalarm   International Surface Temperature Initiative   UERRA   EURO4M   ENSEMBLES   MILLENNIUM   ACRE   ETCCDI   EEA   AOPC   EUPORIAS   CHARMe  

Joint research projects exist between ECA&D and the following institutes or initiatives

MEDARE Initiative   ETH   JRC   SMHI  



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