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The ICA&D (International Climate Assessment & Dataset) climate services concept successfully combines the work of WMO`s Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI) and WMO`s Data Rescue (DARE) activities. The concept builds on the sofware developed for the European Climate Assessment & Dataset (ECA&D), a webportal for daily station data and derived indices brought together under regional cooperation. ICA&D combines the climate monitoring and assessment activities developed in ECA&D with DARE activities. ICA&D is already applied in the four regions mentioned below.



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The European Climate Assessment & Dataset (ECA&D, is the result of a collaboration between meteorological institutes and universities throughout Europe and the Meditteranean area, WMO Region VI. One of the partners is the MEDARE initiative which coordinates DARE activities across the Greater Mediterranean Region.



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The Southeast Asian Climate Assessment & Dataset (SACA&D, is a result of the DiDaH (Digitisasi Data Historis) project, an ongoing cooperation in data digitization between the Indonesian national meteorological institute (BMKG) and KNMI. BMKG staff were trained by the ECA&D team to set-up the ICA&D system in Southeast Asia.



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The ICA&D system is currently being set-up in Latin America as the Climate Assessment & Dataset (LACA&D, in collaboration with CIIFEN. This actvity builds on a regional indices workshop held in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in January 2011.



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First steps are being taken to set-up the West African Climate Assessment & Dataset (WACA&D) in collaboration with ACMAD.